ev_charger.jpgEV CHARGERS


One of our favorite sectors to come out of the renewables industry. Its 2020 and we are on the verge of a motoring revolution like no other, zero emission vehicles. Electric  vehicles are without doubt going to change the way we view the family vehicle. Electric Vehicles or EV's are essentially a very large battery on wheels, some have the added bonus of self drive and autonomous operation. Some have the ability to perform Vehicle to Home and Vehicle to Grid charging, meaning you can potentially power your house from your vehicle and then re charge your vehicle later at night using cheaper "Time of Use" tariffs.

Its to early in 2020 to know but the onset of EV's will potentially turn our world of motoring upside down. Vehicles for many may simply be shared, you will be able to order a vehicle for you to use very much like Uber for example, but without a driver thanks to Fully Autonomous vehicles.....but thats a long way of for now. Vehicle ownership may be a thing of the past, we instead subscribe to a network of vehicles that you simply order on your phone.

EV chargers come in many shapes and sizes with varying capacity to suit your needs. You can have your EV charger set to use your very own solar production to charge your vehicle.... a pure zero emissions vehicle. Or even install a Solar Carport at home or your business to charge your vehicle direct from the sun.

Specialised chargers are available from manufacturers like SMA, ABB, EO and Solaredge just to name a few. 

Joondalup Electrical Services can design and install the right EV charger for your home or business.