Unfortunately there is plenty of crap solar to be found, we come across it on a weekly basis. But what is crap solar? Crap solar is solar that is not installed correctly or products that do not last very long and I guess you could say unscrupulous sales tactics typically engaged by cold callers and door to door salespeople. There is even a page dedicated to it on Facebook and its literally called Crap Solar, take a look at it if you like and you will get a feel for what we are talking about.

How to avoid Crap Solar!

Do your homework, research the products and the companies you are considering. A quick Google search or even a search on Facebooks Crap Solar will often reveal information you may not find elsewhere. Of course everyone will have their own experiences and opinions on products and companies however if you can see an underlying theme popping up its usually a good indication something is not right.

Take a look at the videos on our Solar Power page, they are informative and give you some knowledge on how to not get ripped off.

Below are some photos of examples of Crap Solar.



This solar panel (Euro Solar) has water ingress due to poor manufacturing standards. The system was only two years old and was shutting down due to isolation resistance issues. See video below.



This photo shows how someone has made several attempts to stop water leaking from under the tiles when it rains, the wind would have been forcing the water back under the tiles because the installer didnt take the extra minute per tile to grind or chip the tile so it sits flush after the anchor for the solar railing had been installed. More pics below showing water damaged ceiling that had to be replaced. Sadly some installers will take short cuts as they are paid a minimum amount so they need to get in and out as quickly as possible and this is the consequence.


Damaged section of ceiling that had to be replaced from water damage.


Tiles attempted to be sealed from inside roof with silicone and expanda foam! 


Another poor quality solar panel that has suffered cell failure due to construction using poor quality materials. What you can see starts as a "snail trail" as seen further to the left and can sometimes lead to complete cell failure.

This one is caused by water entering the inverter because it has been installed outside in an exposed position. Most inverters are weather proof but this one clearly wasnt due to a manufacturing fault. Again, cheap products and installers taking shortcuts. Another scenario we sometimes see is water making its way in through the inside of the cables coming from the roof (DC Cables) due to poor waterproofing. Gravity then forces the water through the inside of the cables from the ground mounted isolator enclosure where they have been cut and terminated and all the way to the inside of the inverter. 



Video showing water ingress to thre inside of the solar panel.