bigstock_fuse_box_444188.jpgElectrical safety is of utmost importance in any home or workplace environment.

There are many different aspects of electrical safety but the most important thing you need to know is that RCD’s save lives.

In the past seventeen years 29 people have been electrocuted in WA homes. Of these, 23 deaths could have been prevented if rcd’s had been installed.

A minimum of two rcd’s are required on any house built since the year 2000.  New laws now in force require two rcd’s on any property available for sale, lease or hire.

Smoke alarms are another lifesaver and new laws also apply to them. Western Australian Building Codes require that all houses that are sold or available for lease or hire must now have hard wired smoke alarms installed.

Joondalup Electrical Services can get your house or work environment in-line with current legal requirements pertaining to both smoke alarms and rcd’s. Pensioners are even entitled to a rebate through Centrelink after having these items installed.


Real Estate Safety

We have developed a unique system aimed at the Real Estate industry to assist Property Managers in ensuring properties comply with all regulations.

Our system works on an annual inspection testing programme that thoroughly tests every aspect of smoke alarms and rcds. Our 16 point inspection comes with a “Certificate of Inspection”, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have met your obligations when owning a rental property in the event of a fire or electrical incident.


Inspection & Maintenance Services

For an annual fee of $110 inclusive of GST (primary inspection is $144, this is for your property’s first inspection only. Discounts apply to property managers assigning multiple properties to our program), Joondalup Electrical Services will undertake all required annual servicing, testing and certification including:

  • Ensuring installed smoke alarms are compliant with relevant building codes
  • Alarms are secured correctly
  • Decibel test on smoke alarms
  • Cleaning and dusting alarms to ensure no blockage of air vents
  • Performing a smoke simulation test 
  • Replacing all replaceable smoke alarm batteries
  • Verifying expiry dates of smoke alarms
  • RCD testing, including confirmation of correct amount of rcd’s
  • Checking that RCD’s are protecting all final lighting and power circuits. (a property can have two RCD’s and still not comply)
  • Fault simulation test using specific RCD testing equipment providing trip time.
  • Provide a detailed inspection certificate (two-page) to be maintained on your property’s file.
  • We also inspect your low voltage downlights to ensure they are installed correctly and dont pose a fire risk.

Where we are different to most other companies offering similar services is that a qualified electrician undertakes all testing procedures. This means in the event of an item requiring replacement, it can be done straight away at a fraction of the cost when compared to other companies.

Quick Facts

Did you know -

  • A property can have two rcd’s and still not comply with regulations.
  • An rcd that is already installed can often prove to be faulty under test conditions rendering it useless in the event of electric shock.
  • All hardwired smoke alarms must be less than ten years old (do you know how to tell?).
  • It’s the law that an owner / manager must, “ensure that each alarm installed in the dwelling is in working order”, Regulation 38p of the West Australian Building Codes.
  • Low voltage downlights are one of the major causes of house fires. Because they are in your roof, a fire can also remain undetected. Illegally / incorrectly installed downlights may void your insurance claim in the event of a fire caused by a downlight.


Test & Tag

Testing of appliances used in a workplace environment is not just a requirement, it makes sense. Joondalup Electrical Services can meet the needs of all your test and tag requirements. We can also advise on what the requirements are for your work environment. We have great rates available, contact us today for a price.