FREE Hot Water


There is an amazing way you can heat your hot water absolutely free using green, zero carbon energy.

If you are grid connected and have Solar Power your Solar Power system will export any excess power it is generating back into the grid (exported power). Excess power is power you are generating from your solar power system that you are not using in your home.

Thanks to some clever technology you can divert any excess power to heat your hot water instead of exporting it to the grid. Using a regular electric storage hot water system with a regular heating element or a regular electric boosted Solar hot water system you can divert the smallest amount of excess power from your solar power system to your hot water system. Notice I said the smallest amount of excess power, the key here is having a regular hot water system using a regular heating element (resistive load). This enables you to divert any excess power no matter how small. A resistive load or regular heating element does not need its full rated power rating supplied to it to get hot, its possible to trickle say 200 watts in to a 2400 watt element and it will still heat your water. This way you can capture every little bit of energy from your solar power system and save on importing power when you don't need it. It is also a fantastic way of saving money especially if you are on bottled gas that can be expensive and time consuming to replace. 

Catch power and Solar Edge have these amazing products available that will divert your excess solar production to heat your hot water during the day. There are various levels to this technology from basic cost effective diverters to systems that can have specific parameters entered to ensure you always have hot water when you need it by programming a "ready by time" but will optimise your hot water heating from your solar power system. Follow the links below to find out more about these amazing products that we can supply and install or contact us to guide you to the best solar power diverter to suit your needs.



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