Off Grid Solar


Many people are realising the benefits of  Stand Alone Power Systems. The cost of connecting to the grid in rural areas can be extremely high, plus you still have the on going expense of connection fees and of course paying for your power, not to mention the the grid can at times be unreliable.

The cost of an Off Grid system can often be significantly less than the cost of connecting to the grid, plus you have the added benefits of free power and a constant reliable power source, sometimes a critical service for rural properties in the event of emergencies and bushfire. Off Grid systems can be virtually maintenance free with the use of lithium batteries. Older style systems used lead acid batteries that required maintenance and presented significant hazards. Modern Lithium based batteries are a reliable maintenance free power source. We can even design and build a system in our workshop and have it shipped to you pre commissioned and ready to go with just a few simple connections to have the system up and running once delivered to site.

Joondalup Electrical Services can design supply and install Off Grid systems to power everything from small sheds and tiny houses to family homes.

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