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Monitoring of a solar power system is a very underestimated tool. Imagine you have a fault on your solar power system at the beginning of your billing cycle, you could potentially not even be aware your solar power system has an issue until ten weeks later. That could literally cost you hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars if its a commercial installation for a business. 

There are a few different levels of monitoring available. Most solar power inverters come with WiFi and can easily be connected to their online monitoring platform. This is a free service in most circumstances and offers a base level of solar "production" only, it will not be able to tell you how much power you are consuming. With the installation of an Energy Meter to suit your inverter you can then monitor consumption of your overall production and consumption. This level of monitoring is great but it still doesn't tell you everything there is to tell.

Solar Analytics is a dedicated solar monitoring system that is Australian owned and operated. In 2020 they now monitor over 35,000 solar power plants Australia wide making them the largest independent monitoring group in Australia. Solar Analytics offers the most detailed level of monitoring for any system and heres why. You can individually monitor as many circuits as you like, giving you the ability to see exactly how much your pool or your air conditioner is using. Solar Analytics will show you how much you have saved and how much you can expect your power bill to be, it will also give you little tips to help you save even more money such as the notice shown in the picture below. A simple tick or cross on your Solar Analytics app dashboard lets you know that things are working as expected with reference to present weather and climatic conditions, or if something doesn't seem quite right you will see a cross on your dashboard and receive a notification. Solar Analytics can even tell you what size battery to install, after 30 days of gathering data it can tell you what size battery will best suit your household! We highly recommend this for anyone considering a battery as it removes the need to do as estimated assessment of what best suits you. The benefits are endless and we absolutely love Solar Analytics

Check out the video below and get that system monitored now.

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