battery3.jpgStorage and Batteries


Batteries are a hot topic for most solar power system owners. They are a wonderful product that enables you to secure as much free and zero carbon energy as possible from your solar power system. Being able to capture your excess solar power production throughout the day and then draw upon that stored energy at night is fantastic. Having an independent source of power if the grid goes down is fantastic also. The first question that usually comes up at present when designing a solar power system is "will my system be battery ready". The answer to that is yes, ALL systems are "battery ready" thanks to the ability to AC couple your solar power system to a battery. There are however many things that need to be considered before diving into the world of battery storage. Careful consideration needs to be given to the expectations you have from your shiny new battery.

The key factor to a battery system is to be able to charge the battery during the day to enable you to draw from that battery at night, if you don't have enough excess power during the day it is pointless installing a battery.

Battery storage systems offer different levels of functionality. Did you know that many battery systems do not offer any type of backup power. If you want to be able to have backup power if the grid goes down you need to do your homework and ask the right questions to ensure your system can do what you want it to.. It's not unusual for us to come across a battery system that can provide backup power but the feature hasn’t been enabled and the required equipment not installed to facilitate it.

Do you want a seamless transition to backup power for your whole house or just a single circuit or power point to use in the event of a blackout. Different products offer different levels of backup power, from whole home to just a single power point or circuit to nothing at all. Make sure you specify what you want from your battery system.

There’s a lot to consider and a lot of rubbish and misinformed providers in the market. Contact us and we will design and install a cost effective system that meets your needs.






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