Solar Power 

Joondalup Electrical Services are Clean Energy Council approved Designers and Installers, having undergone specialised training and thereby qualifying as certified trained technicians in this field. We have installed hundreds of systems within the Perth area and have been involved in the Solar Industry for over ten years. We are not a "fly by night" company, but a small group of professional tradespeople who take great pride in their work. All our work is guaranteed and we assure you we will be around for the next time you need us. Check out our Facebook page for some samples of our work and ongoing projects.

At JES we care about our reputation so we only use proven quality products that are Clean Energy Council approved. These systems will guarantee you years of problem free service. 

We specialise in the field of repairs and replacement of faulty solar power eqipment. Installation of new systems and removal of systems for maintenance and renovations. We can carry out all insurance related work and can even check your system to ensure its performing to the best of its ability.

Your inverter is an essential component to any solar power system, you can check to see if its working by a quick check of the screen on the front of it. In most cases a solid green light will be illuminated and a reading of your power output should be visible. If not its possible it has a fault and is not generating any power at all. If in doubt call Joondalup Electrical Services and we can do an inspection to locate the fault and provide a quote for the required repairs.

Your solar panels are the other essential component of your solar power system. Some poor quality panels unfortunately fail well before their estimated life span. If your panels are browning, shaded or have poor electrical connections they will not be sending the power required to your inverter for it to perform at its optimum. We can check the output of your panels to ensure they are performing as they should. 

Removal and reinstallation of solar panels on you roof is a specialised job and should not be undertaken by an unqualified person. In the event of your panels or inverter requiring removal for renovations and or roof repairs it is essential it is done correctly. Voiding your warranty or risking damage to solar panels and or roof are the likely outcomes of using non qualified tradespeople. We can do the job for you quickly and safely ensuring your system is protected and installed to a professional standard with minimal fuss.





  • Check your inverter regularly to ensure it is working. (During daylight hours).
  • Check your panels are not shaded, damaged or discoloured.  Even a tv antenna can make a significant difference to the performance of a system if it is shading your panels.
  • Your inverter should be in shade. If it receives direct sunlight it will greatly reduce its performance and reduce its lifespan.
  • Do not store things on top of your inverter, it will cause it to overheat and under perform.
  • Call 0412 866 428 if in doubt